Gaïa presents some POLAR PHILATELY

Bienvenue at my place.. (en français)


On this humble personal site, you will find especially polar philately.


From December 2009, english version is abandonned. when you click on the webpages you will be redirected to the same page but in english.

In fact, if you want some informations in english, don't hesitate! Sent me an email!


And excuse bazaar...

At the day of 11.11.2004, results ot the poll are: 12% collect arctic, 43.5% antarctic and 44.5% both. Thanks to all!

At the day of 20.06.2003, results ot the poll are: 13% collect arctic, 44% antarctic and 43% both.

Last results

I propose to you:


      with Arctic

      and Antarctic


  North - Collections of polar covers (or arctics)


South - Collections of polar covers (or antarctics)


NEW!         Antarctic map with stations NEW!



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